Is TrumpCare Really Dead?

If you're wealthy and healthy you're likely to survive the health care changes coming. Most people, though, are neither so it's unclear what will happen in the healthcare Hunger Games. Learn more about AMA's and AARP's concerns with the proposed language.

9 Factors to Consider before buying Long Term Care Insurance

In this article by Teresa Mears for U.S. News Money, Chris Orestis offers his advice on when and if you should be a long term care policy. Teresa's article also discusses what to consider before buying a long term care policy and how to afford it.

States Help People Pay for Long Term Care

In this Wall Street Journal article, Chris Orestis discusses how lawmakers across the U.S. have introduced new consumer protection disclosure laws to make sure owners of life insurance policies are told about their right to convert them into a Long Term Care Benefit Plan

New Way to Pay for Long Term Care

In this New York Times article, Chris Orestis is interviewed about the innovative new way to pay for care his company pioneered.