What Makes Seniors Smile

While families tend to focus on remedies they feel are convenient, affordable and safe, it is easy to lose track of one important ingredient; the senior’s happiness. Both are important but often caregiver happiness and senior happiness are measured differently. The greatest reward for the thoughtful caregiver is a beaming smile from their charge. This can be an elusive accomplishment.

Learning Caregiving For Alzheimer’s Disease

Being a senior caregiver for an early-stage Alzheimer’s senior spouse is a 24/7 learning experience. It is natural to feel isolated and uncomfortable discussing the travails of your spouse with even your most trusted family members of friends.

Osteoporosis: 8 Things To Know

Osteoporosis affects millions of Americans aged 50 or more while millions more are at risk of serious injury but are unaware they suffer bone disease until an accident occurs.  One of the best defenses against this crippling disease is to be informed about the risks, treatments and symptoms of osteoporosis.

Alzheimer’s Research Emphasizes Complex Jobs, Diet

Researchers agree that diet, especially the typical Western diet that is based on red processed meats, potatoes and prepackaged foods have a negative effect on cognitive abilities and can encourage cerebrovascular disease. Researchers believe there are newfound reasons for hope based upon intellectually stimulating exercises that can offset some of the Western diet risks associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Senior Care: Health Care Advocate Required

One solution is for the senior to take the physician out of the hard talk dilemma by engaging a healthcare advocate. The advocate/caregiver can make tough decisions regarding healthcare, hospice and end of life scenarios that rely on accurate diagnosis from physicians but in essence remove the physician from decision making.

NORC: Naturally Occurring Senior Communities

Many seniors cannot imagine aging in any place other than aging in the family residence. As previously discussed, aging, relocating and finding the right senior environment, can be challenging and emotionally disruptive. Caregivers must learn to heed Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSSwarning signs and be fully engaged in the aging residency plan.

Managing Relocation Stress Syndrome

The concept of Relocation Stress Syndrome has gained traction over the last 20 years. While RSS is not confined to seniors, it is most generally associated with senior relocations from the family home to a new residence or from one senior living environment to another.

Find The Right Senior Living Solution: 8 Keys

Caregivers face difficult decisions when helping loved ones identify and locate the best senior living solutions. In most cases there is initial resistance from the seniors but as time goes by, the need becomes undeniable. Very often safety is the biggest factor, but there are other considerations in this competitive marketplace.

Senior Impact On Housing And Caregiving

In a nutshell, we’re not as young as we used to be and not as healthy as when we figured where and how we would live out and enjoy our senior years. To complicate things further, our offspring are amazingly mobile and have chosen entirely different lifestyles than we could have imagined 20 years ago.

5 Technologies For Senior Loved Ones And Caregivers

Caregiving for senior loved ones is more than a full-time commitment. For those of us that have jobs and children, caring for seniors can add hours of concern to an already overloaded schedule. Thankfully, as with so many other aspects of life in the 21st century, technology has come to the rescue.

If we use these technologies correctly, we can enjoy certain security that our senior charges are safer than ever before, even when we are not present!

Typical Brain Aging Vs. Dementia Pt 2

The importance of proper diagnosis for dementia cannot be understated. Imagine the emotional, physical and/or financial repercussions of an improper diagnosis. For example, one type dementia that is reversible is pseudo-dementia can be easily misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Typical Brain Aging Vs. Dementia Part 1

Like most seniors, we worry about healthy living and the ever-present threat of cognitive disorders and dementia. When it comes to aging, many of our Baby Boomer generation friends and family members have experienced normal aging symptoms that include such annoying quirks as forgetfulness, trouble finding the right word and misplacing car keys and similar items.

Fiber For Healthy Senior Living

A good deal of education, training and support helped extend my life with a successful 2009 heart transplant. One of the biggest challenges for patients suffering chronic disease and hoping to change the course of the infliction is developing new eating habits and implementing a healthy diet.

One prominent physician advised me that my diet would change significantly before, during and after my transplant. He also added that for most patients, changing to a healthy diet is not an easy undertaking. After all, we are products of our upbringing and our taste habits were not developed in today’s enlightened age.

Vision For Mother’s Safety

I never noticed Mother straining to see the television but became very aware she squinted and often closed one eye in order to read. These are disturbing, troubling symptoms that caregivers should take seriously.

Poor vision presents real safety challenges for seniors and anyone else. This was underscored when shortly after Mother’s 73 rd birthday she walked off the cub, fell and broke her arm while we were walking to the car after a movie.

It never dawned on me that Mother’s depth perception had become so compromised that she did not notice the step down from the sidewalk. Her failing vision and my inexperience as a caregiver caused a real and avoidable accident that could have been worse. It was clear that Mother’s vision and my caregiving needed immediate improvement.

Why Chronic Pain Persists

Persistent pain and reliance upon painkillers can present serious problems for seniors. A new study by King’s College London and reported by Science Daily offers new insight into this dilemma. The study indicates that we have much to learn about how the nervous system responds to conventional treatment for serious injuries.

Mother And Geriatric Office Visits

Being an attentive, informed caregiver is a big responsibility. We have to be respectful of the patient by allowing seniors to state their own issues. The caregiver’s role should be to clarify and serve as intermediary when the patient and physician are not on the same page.

A good place to start is by helping the patient prepare for the appointment. Sometimes that can mean helping the patient dress or simply getting their mind on the task ahead. Geriatric care appointments can be draining so making sure your loved one is in a positive frame of mind and rested can influence the outcome.

Chronic Pain and Mother

Chronic pain affects many seniors and presents physical and emotional challenges for sufferers and caregivers alike. When the caregiver and/or responsible party is a family member, chronic pain can take a toll on all parties and upon the quality of life of the senior loved one.

4 Must Have Forms For Senior Planning

When we return to Tampa in October, we meet with our team of physicians. One of their first questions asked by our well-intended physicians and counselors is the status of three forms that should be updated every year and kept on file with your primary care physician or hospital. Senior planning might include more forms, such as a revocable living trust but we should all take a few minutes to complete and adjust these four forms that reflect our health care and end of life choices.

Are Mothers Better Senior Living Planners?

After father passed away, the family wondered collectively how Mother would fare as a suddenly single widow who had lived with the same spouse for more than 50 years. Working in real estate, I was keenly aware how tenaciously seniors sought to stay in their homes and live as independently as possible for as long as possible. It’s a formula that makes sense because we take comfort in our home and in emotional times change can be imposing.

Why It's Important to REALLY Listen to Mom

In order to be effective caregivers and guardians, we must always listen closely to the things that worry Mother and Father. When both parents are alive, they tend to share their pain and concerns amongst themselves. But, when one parent moves on, the survivor is left without a much needed listening partner.

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