Taking Care of Your Aging Teeth

Written by Meghan, Healthy Living Expert on Tuesday, November 01, 2016

While it’s easy to neglect your pearly whites as you age, the truth is that keeping them clean and healthy becomes even more important. As you get older, your risk for many dental problems, like tooth decay and gum disease, may increase. The best way to treat your teeth well is to prevent diseases and complications before they take hold. Fortunately, you can keep your teeth looking and feeling young with a few simple steps.

Keep taking care of your teeth. You should still take care of your teeth as well as a younger adult would. Brush at least two times a day with a fluoride toothpaste and floss at least once a day. Rinse with an antiseptic mouth wash after you brush to kill bacteria and wash away debris.

Schedule regular dentist visits. Make sure you keep up with bi-annual cleanings and check-ups. This way, you can keep your teeth healthy and catch any problems early. Tell your dentist if you’ve noticed any changes to your oral health, such as pain, lumps, or difficulty tasting or eating.

Take care of your dentures. If you have partial or full dentures, take care of them just as you would your natural teeth. Clean them daily with a toothbrush or prepared denture cleaner. If you don’t have commercial denture cleaners, you can use baking soda to keep your dentures in chomping shape.

Treat dry mouth. Many older adults suffer from a dry mouth as a result of medications they take, and this can lead to tooth decay and bad breath. Fortunately, you can treat your dry mouth with over-the-counter mouthwashes or prescription solutions. Even chewing gum may help ward off a dry mouth. Talk to your doctor or dentist about the best treatment for you.

Eat well and avoid tobacco. You’ve heard the benefits of a good diet before, but did you know that eating well can also help keep teeth healthy? Yes, healthy eating can improve your dental hygiene. Fresh fruits and veggies can supply you with vitamins to protect against disease, while the calcium in dairy products can keep teeth strong. Tobacco, meanwhile, can cause stains, decay, and even cancer. For the sake of your teeth, avoid tobacco products altogether.

Healthy teeth are essential to keeping a smile on your face. By taking care of your teeth now, you’ll have a better chance of warding off problems in the future and continuing to enjoy a healthy life for years to come. While no one knows what the future holds, you can prepare for your later years by taking care of your teeth – and your finances. When it comes to long-term care, planning ahead is the best way to ensure you’ll be ready for whatever happens. If you have questions about how you and your family can afford your current or future long-term care needs, reach out to Paying for Senior Care today!