Is TrumpCare Really Dead?

If you're wealthy and healthy you're likely to survive the health care changes coming. Most people, though, are neither so it's unclear what will happen in the healthcare Hunger Games. Learn more about AMA's and AARP's concerns with the proposed language.

What Makes Seniors Smile

While families tend to focus on remedies they feel are convenient, affordable and safe, it is easy to lose track of one important ingredient; the senior’s happiness. Both are important but often caregiver happiness and senior happiness are measured differently. The greatest reward for the thoughtful caregiver is a beaming smile from their charge. This can be an elusive accomplishment.

Eat chocolate – for your health!

Think eating healthy means eschewing your favorite foods? If one of your favorite foods is chocolate, then you can indulge without guilt. In case you haven’t heard, chocolate is good for you!

Taking Care of Your Aging Teeth

While it’s easy to neglect your pearly whites as you age, the truth is that keeping them clean and healthy becomes even more important. As you get older, your risk for many dental problems, like tooth decay and gum disease, may increase. The best way to treat your teeth well is to prevent diseases and complications before they take hold. Fortunately, you can keep your teeth looking and feeling young with a few simple steps.

6 Tips for Aging Gracefully

You’re getting older – we all are. Instead of fearing the aging process, however, you can learn to love your age and reap the benefits of aging gracefully. Of course, this is easier said than done. But by changing your mindset and your outlook on your own life, you can age without fear, even in a culture that is seemingly obsessed with youth. Here are a few tips to help you embrace life – and perhaps even look forward to your next birthday.

Learning Caregiving For Alzheimer’s Disease

Being a senior caregiver for an early-stage Alzheimer’s senior spouse is a 24/7 learning experience. It is natural to feel isolated and uncomfortable discussing the travails of your spouse with even your most trusted family members of friends.

Osteoporosis: 8 Things To Know

Osteoporosis affects millions of Americans aged 50 or more while millions more are at risk of serious injury but are unaware they suffer bone disease until an accident occurs.  One of the best defenses against this crippling disease is to be informed about the risks, treatments and symptoms of osteoporosis.

Negotiating Time Off for Caregiving

If you work and also care for a loved one, you know the challenges of navigating your job and your family responsibilities. At some point, the burden of caregiving may begin to interfere with your work so much that you need to talk to your boss about making changes to your schedule. If that time comes, these tips can help you negotiate the time off that you need.

Healthy Recipe: Fresh Tomato Salsa

Summer is a time of abundant fresh produce, and few fruits or vegetables scream summer like tomatoes straight from the vine. Tomatoes have many uses in the kitchen. Of course there is the infamous bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, and many folks enjoy taking advantage of summer’s abundant harvest by canning tomato sauces and salsas for use throughout the year.

Alzheimer’s Research Emphasizes Complex Jobs, Diet

Researchers agree that diet, especially the typical Western diet that is based on red processed meats, potatoes and prepackaged foods have a negative effect on cognitive abilities and can encourage cerebrovascular disease. Researchers believe there are newfound reasons for hope based upon intellectually stimulating exercises that can offset some of the Western diet risks associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

The Benefits of Pets for Seniors

Over the last few years, the news has buzzed with tidbits about how pets can improve our lives. Many pet owners can attest to the value of their furry family members. And increasingly, older adults recognize that having an animal around can help with their wellbeing. Indeed, cats and dogs can have a positive impact on the physical and mental health of seniors. So should you consider getting an animal companion for your loved one? 

Senior Care: Health Care Advocate Required

One solution is for the senior to take the physician out of the hard talk dilemma by engaging a healthcare advocate. The advocate/caregiver can make tough decisions regarding healthcare, hospice and end of life scenarios that rely on accurate diagnosis from physicians but in essence remove the physician from decision making.

Tips for Downsizing Before a Move

If you’re planning on moving into a smaller home – whether it’s a little house around the corner or an assisted living facility – you will likely need to winnow down your possessions to fit into your new space. Downsizing a lifetime of possessions is easier said than done, so start with a clear plan and the help of friends or family members.

NORC: Naturally Occurring Senior Communities

Many seniors cannot imagine aging in any place other than aging in the family residence. As previously discussed, aging, relocating and finding the right senior environment, can be challenging and emotionally disruptive. Caregivers must learn to heed Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSSwarning signs and be fully engaged in the aging residency plan.

10 Surprising Causes of Falls

One of the best ways to prevent potentially dangerous stumbles is to anticipate them. While some household hazards may be obvious, others might surprise you. By addressing these ten common causes of falls, you may be able to prevent serious injury to yourself or your loved one.

Managing Relocation Stress Syndrome

The concept of Relocation Stress Syndrome has gained traction over the last 20 years. While RSS is not confined to seniors, it is most generally associated with senior relocations from the family home to a new residence or from one senior living environment to another.

Find The Right Senior Living Solution: 8 Keys

Caregivers face difficult decisions when helping loved ones identify and locate the best senior living solutions. In most cases there is initial resistance from the seniors but as time goes by, the need becomes undeniable. Very often safety is the biggest factor, but there are other considerations in this competitive marketplace.

Senior Impact On Housing And Caregiving

In a nutshell, we’re not as young as we used to be and not as healthy as when we figured where and how we would live out and enjoy our senior years. To complicate things further, our offspring are amazingly mobile and have chosen entirely different lifestyles than we could have imagined 20 years ago.

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